June 10, 2009

New TinyMCE Version

Filed under: OpsWeb — egoncasteel @ 4:58 pm

It had been some time since I had updated TinyMCE on OPSweb, but last month I finally got to it. I went from the last stable version of 2 to the latest stable release of 3, both with the appropriate versions of MCImageManager.  Paste from Word is the killer feature that prompted this upgrade. That and the bug that popped up in version 2.

“I don’t know why it just started doing that. I was going to upgrade it any way let see if we get lucky and it just gos away.”

I am impressed. The paste from Word tool works fairly well. This is something that many people had asked about. You could paste from Word in version 2, but Words idea of a HTML export is a nightmare.  If there is such a thing as anti-semantic HTML the crap the Word spits out would be it.

Oh and the bug went away.


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