June 18, 2009

Adventures in Home Computing

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2 months ago the hard drive in the little asus computer I had been using for watching video in my bedroom died. It put up a good fight lasting 2 or 3 years as my anime torrenting and watching / web surfing box.  I had been planning on replacing it with my old gaming rig any way now that I have the laptop. As it didn’t have the power for HD video. I had just planned on doing it on my schedule not at the whim of corrupting hard drives.

Moving on to the point of this rambling. I quickly setup what I needed on top of the old windows install already on the computer at the time. I planned to reinstall again once some new parts came in, but was being lazy since things were working with only a bug here or there. Last night I found that my computer had gotten some nasty spyware on it. Not sure where it came from, but after threatening the computer several time that I would mind wipe it if didn’t cooperate with the spyware removal program. I decided to take vengeance upon it.

Every thing went just fine. I am no stranger to doing a full reinstall, and I was up and running again in around 3 hours. That includes reinstalling 20 or so programs and such.

The conclusion I came to after this is, it so much nicer doing this now that I only use open source programs and a couple of pieces of freeware. Back 8 or 10 years ago when I used office, photoshop, dreamweaver, … the process was such a pain. Find the stack of cds, get all the keys. Spend all this time with long long installs of bloated DRM filled software. Now I just download 100mb or 200mb of apps and go.

I don’t have any games on this computer but now that I buy all my games thou Steam even those install are a breeze.


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