June 1, 2009

support the kids of the troops

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May 30, 2009

Remember that thing from when you were a kid

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I ran into something today that completely brought back my childhood.

Now all I need to do is track down the Disco Duck album and I will be all set.

May 16, 2009

OpsWeb and Google

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I had a chance to do updates on OpsWeb this week. I made a lot of little improvements here and there, but one of the nifty things I put in was Google search. Now when ever some one searches OpsWeb they also will get the results form Googles web search. Hopefully this will help with the problems that a are not limited just to our IT department. Things like Windows and Mac issues.

PS: OpsWeb now has over 750 articles

May 7, 2009

Advanced Regular Expressions

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Smashing magazine has a good article that take your understanding of regular expressions to the next level. When I write regular expressions I tend to start out near to what I want then chip away at it till I have exactly what I want. (Regex Coach is a great tool for this) This article gos a little deeper then that, and describes some of the finer points of regular expression design.

Crucial Concepts Behind Advanced Regular Expressions @

April 20, 2009

Command Line 101

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Linux Journal started a video series a while back called command line 101. Its a collection of short 2 min videos explaining simple command line tools like grep and top. Not a lot of new info here but if you are getting some one new to the command line started these are a great resource.

command line 101 videos @ Linux Journal

April 10, 2009

Dave Woods CSS

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Dave Woods has a good collection of CSS articles on his blog. This link gos to his top 10 most useful tips. These are great whether you are new to CSS or like me it tends to be a long time between setting up a site template and you have to relearn the quirks of CSS every time.

10 css tips every web developer should know

April 6, 2009

Custom Gimp

Filed under: What I Did Today — egoncasteel @ 7:39 pm has a great post this week about how to customise Gimp. I like Gimp as an image editor but there are some things, like all the tool windows you have to fuss with, that have all ways bugged me. This article will show you how to get the Gimp you want.

March 5, 2009

Wallpaper with out the pain

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Finding good wallpapers for you computer can be a pain. There are so many bad sites out there doing a google search on the term wallpaper will just get you a pile of crap. So when I happened across one that is actually nice I thought it would be a good idea to post it here so I can find it again.

One of the things that make this site special is that it will let you resize and crop the image for your screen.  So is you hare a rotated screen (portrait mode). You can download wallpapers strait to your computer.

March 3, 2009

Yet Another List of Software

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Lists of software litter the net. Which is pretty easy to understand, every one has a different set of programs they need to do the things they are interested in. I am not even going to bother trying to be original in my picks. The best programs are the best right? No surprise they show up on more then one list. I am sure you will have heard of many of these, but who knows maybe you will see a new one here that is just what you need.


gimpGimp: it won’t do every thing that the latest and greatest PhotoShop will do, but you don’t have to sell a kidney to put it on your computer.
inkscapeInkscape: Personally I like Inkscape better then any vector graphic program I have ever used. It just works, and the results are great.
sketchupSketchUp: This program is just fun. I was a very happy man when Goolgle bought this program and made it free. It is a little harder to do precise work in SketchUp then in a CAD program, but it is by far the easiest 3D program I have ever used.
wings3dWings3D: Most people will point you to Blender when talking about 3D modeling software, but I like Wings3D. I find there mode editing system easier to wrap my head around then Blender.


openofficeOpenOffice: No surprise here. OpenOffice is the standard in not MS Office office software.
diaDia: I use this program to do all of my pre-programing planning. I really like its UML tools.
scribusScribus: I don’t do a lot of mult-page layout work any more, but Scribus has been up to the task when needed.


vimVim: Vim has made me a better programmer. I don’t know if it is the focus on using the keyboard of the excellent highlighting, but the code just comes out better.
notepadNotebook++: Great editor for windows and very light weight.
regex Regex Coach helps in writing regular expressions. There can be a fare amount of trial and error when writing regular expressions. Regex Coach gives you a really nice environment to mess around in so you can tweak your regular expression with out having to run your program to see what you are matching.
tildaTilda Remember the drop down console in quake. Tilda is the same thing but for your command line. At the press of a button you command line window slides in when you are done with it press the same key again and it slides up out of the way.


mpcMedia Player Classic is my everyday player. The quality is top notch and I like the interface. The download link gos to the Combined Community Codec Pack page. This is a great codec pack that will play just about anything and comes with Media Player Classic.
vlcVLC if Media Player Classic is my everyday driver then VLC is my off road vehicle. Quality can suffer some times, but VLC just keeps rolling along right over file corruption and bad encoding while keeping video, audio, and subtitles in sync.
foxitFoxit PDF Reader I have no idea what adobe is up to but a pdf reader does not need to be over 100mb in size, hog all your system resources, need a preloader, and a updater. This is the reader that proves it. It opens in seconds and turns pages quickly. It will read 99% of the pdfs out there failing on only the most poorly created multi-layered un-optimized exports from pagemaker. Flatten the layers before you export your final pdf to publish people how hard is that.
fbreaderFBReader is available on almost all platforms. Linux, Mac, PC, Your cell phone, your DS. It is a great text reader. I use it mostly on my Nokia 770 for reading novels.

Other Useful Stuff

winklogoWink this program is used from making screencast style documentation. Some times the easiest way to show someone how to do some thing is a movie of someone doing it.
filezillaFilezilla is a great ftp/sftp client I use all the time.
synergySynergy gave me a wonderful it just worked feeling. Synergy lets you share a mouse and keyboard across 2 computers, but the best part is they don’t have to be running the same OS. At work I have 2 computers a Linux computer and a Windows computer, but with Synergy it feels like I have one computer with 2 monitors. moving the mouse past the edge of the monitor on the Linux computer seamlessly transfers the mouse and keyboard to my Windows computer.

February 18, 2009

Wings 3D

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I was playing around in Wings 3D the other night. Its a fun little 3d program. A little easier to wrap your head around then Blender. It is meant for low polygon modeling.

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