November 21, 2007

The rest of Skyrates… for now

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The Cobalt Report is complete. I just finished putting is the last of the graphs. Now users have access to the information on trends.

I switched to jpgraph. The PHP/SWF module wasn’t able to handle all the data points. jpgraph may lot be as pretty and it dosen’t have animations, but it is really robust. Also the documataion is extreamly good. If you need to do graphs in PHP check it out.


November 14, 2007

Still More Skyrates

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A lot of works has been done on Skyrates since my last post on the subject. It is now logging data every 30min from the influence page instead of reading it live. This has sped up the site noticeably, and will  keep me out of trouble with the Skyrates Devs, Hi guys :). Also the first round of charts are in. I will add line graphs to show trends after the missions are turned back on in Skyrates. Right now they would all be strait lines.

The charts are made by PHP/SWF charts. A cool script that turns PHP arrays and converts them into flash animations.

November 5, 2007

More Skyrates

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I added all the html code and graphics to the Cobalt Report today it looks good. I have a few pages to add still and the data logging, but it is coming along well.

November 3, 2007

Cobalt Intelligence Corps

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So I play this game called Skyrates. It is Flash based but it is like an mmo. You have an account and a faction, skills, upgrades on your plane, and so on. Well today my faction lost several islands. So in response to this I spent the morning coding the Cobalt Report.  It fetches the page on the Skyrates web site that list what factions influence at each of the 38 islands is, and spits out a report telling us where the best islands to attack are and where we need to defend.

I would give you the link but it is for blue eyes only. Top secret.

What did I learn…

All sorts of regular expression and array manipulation functions are need to take html from a web site not meant to be used as input data and  turn in to something you can use.

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